The Vision and Mission of Robin Wilson Educational Consulting LLC

Vision: To support young people in their personal, academic, and professional development

Mission: Robin Wilson Educational Consulting LLC is dedicated to empowering  young people and the organizations that serve youth by providing motivational speaking services, leadership trainings, and consulting services that yield high impact outcomes.

Motivational Speaking

From being a struggling young reader to becoming a published children’s author, I have overcome various obstacles to achieve personal and professional success. Today, I am a teacher, writer, and motivational speaker because of the support and influence of various mentors along my leadership journey. Now, I share my success story and leadership experience with young audiences to inspire and motivate them to lead. If you can reimagine your future and have effective strategies for success, I believe that you can transform your life and transform your community.


There are many young people who have powerful ideas to share and they simply need to be encouraged to use their voice to transform their schools, organizations, and communities. I believe in amplifying youth voices and empowering youth to lead. I demonstrate this commitment by facilitating small and large group youth leadership training to support young audiences in discovering their purpose, learning how to live with passion, and learning how to develop a plan for success.

It is important to have a sense of purpose in life and to passionately pursue your goals with strategies for success. To this end, I train youth to be intentional about the personal and professional paths that they choose and I model strategies for achieving their desired outcomes.

I teach youth that goal-setting and visioning are key elements for successfully arriving at your desired destination personally, academically, and professionally. You have to cultivate a vision and a plan to actualize your goals.


I am a certified teacher and business leader with more than 10 years of experience in community outreach and nonprofit organizational leadership with eight of those years in executive leadership positions that includes chief executive officer and education director positions. I have extensive experience in training staff and community members to become effective leaders. My experience centers around working on youth empowerment and literacy initiatives. Thus, I partner with individuals and organizations to provide support in six key areas. These areas include:

  • Partnering with organizations to design and perform youth needs assessments
  • Grant writing
  • Developing effective youth and parent engagement strategies
  • Implementing research-based approaches to youth engagement and inclusion
  • Providing analyzation of program structures, strategic planning, and program implementation
  • Facilitation of effective data collection and program evaluation

There is a three step process for establishing a working relationship. The first step is to complete the online intake form to share your current individual or program needs and to identify the scope of your project. The second step is to schedule a phone introduction interview. This gives me an opportunity to learn more about your work and it gives you an opportunity to learn more about me. Finally, if your project aims and needs are aligned with my area of expertise and you decide to move forward, a formal proposal will be created and sent to you following a full review of your project. 

Interview Request

For media interviews and to access the media kit, please visit the link below and completed the interview request form.


Your story was compelling for a number of reasons. Sharing stories gives a starting point to find common ground. In a polarized world, if we tell our stories and listen to others' stories, perhaps, just perhaps we can move closer.

The story of the ordinary teacher who became an extraordinary person in your life was very moving. Ordinary people can make extraordinary differences in the lives of children.  I think we all felt that we can make changes in children's lives. Reading lets us live outside our neighborhoods. Your life showed us that in terms of your travels and your career choice.

Jeanette Harris

Vice President of Kiwanis Club of Detroit

Intentional. Thoughtful. Creative. Each of these words is a descriptor for Robin Morris Wilson and her work pertaining to youth mentorship. Robin has a unique ability to relate to young people in terms of their struggles, anxieties, and challenges to inspire. For that reason, on several different occasions, I have called upon Robin. She is passionate about helping youth find their seat at the table by teaching them to use their voice and supporting them in understanding that they are never too young to be impactful change agents. From her work spanning as a non-profit creator to author and educator, I have witnessed Robin consistently operate in her authentic love of people for the communities in which she works and lives. Thank you Robin for your servant leadership and the legacy of excellence you are creating in terms of your mentorship for future generations.

Lolitha Gayden, Parent

Thank you Robin for so graciously agreeing to present content on our WhatNow portal. WhatNow is a peer-led support group that brings together community resources to help young people become successful adults. We are so pleased that your professional expertise is available to our participants. It is quite impressive. I have personally been struck by comments you made that come back to me often. We learned much from your presentation and are grateful to you for sharing your expertise with us. I look forward to working with you and exposing your gifts to our future leaders.

Mrs. Brinston, RN, MA, CLNC

CEO for Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation


Thank you for your international excellence!! The students enjoyed [your presentation] and were so engaged. Also, thank you for sharing the amazing poem. Consider this a gift that will keep on giving as our students will share it at the beginning of our international Learning Journey sessions.

Sanya Tyson Wes, Founder

Young People Travel Global Edge


Robin Wilson is the quintessential Citizen Diplomat.  She is a trusted resource and valued member of the Global Ties Detroit community.  Global Ties Detroit is the official host to U.S. Department of State-sponsored delegations who visit SE Michigan.  Robin’s international expertise and cultural competencies, together with her passion and commitment to education are inspiring not only to professional counterparts in Michigan, but also to dignitaries from around the world!

Marian Reich, President

Global Ties Detroit